Launch Your Line

While every man has at least one great idea inside him, there's still always the problem of figuring out how to actually develop, produce, and distribute athletic underwear made of discarded fish parts. Taking your genius from zero to cashing zeros, Launch My Line.

The first site of its kind, Launch offers a user-friendly interface for accomplishing all of the various tasks involved in turning concepts into ready-to-sell wares, leveraging affiliated specialists and open-market bidding to produce, package, and market your uniquely brilliant crimes against nature. To start, complete a questionnaire to suss out your needs before providing a description of your actual product; next, designate areas in which you need help, from manufacturing (do you have a prototype, or need a manufacturer to produce one?), to distribution (local vs major retail vs online sales), to product development, where Launch can hook you up with collaborators like artists, engineers, and case your big idea is "chemistry". Your responses inform your Dashboard, where you can complete projects like creating a press release, printing a catalog, or incorporating your business, all through affiliated service providers; for other endeavors, like creation of web sites and business plans, there're message boards where people/companies offer quotes for their services, only to have you roll up your window and keep driving cause you're pretty sure that was an Adam's apple.

To keep things as automated as possible, Launch lets you securely pay collaborators directly through the site, so you can quickly outlay capital to get the ball rolling on your genius idea of jeans that protect your suddenly tantalizing loins from stray cats.