Let Me Go

Powerful people have their every whim catered to: they don't rifle through racks of clothes, they're fitted for custom suits, and considering how much catering they enjoy, that's probably the only way to go. Get travel people to bow down before you with pins in their mouth, thanks to Let Me Go.Launched by a collective of Latin American geeks (yes, they have them there too), LMG lets you submit your ideal hotel itinerary to its global network of lodging partners, who engage in a bidding war to offer the best deal, sort of like a reverse Priceline where you take your pick from a number of offers, and Shatner doesn't start drinking until after filming the commercial. Once you've entered destination/travel dates, choose your desired type of place (hotel/motel, b&b, hostel...castle), a star rating, ambiance (business, quiet, historic, etc), and more; you also set a max budget, add any special requests/needs, and pick how long bidding should last (from 1-72 hours), before submitting the deets and waiting for the offers to roll in, though unlike eHarmony, you're not expected to propose to La Quinta on the third date. From there, you'll get an alert each time a hotel bids on your itinerary, with a link to specs/pics and their $$$ offer (including fees/taxes), which's also visible to other bidders to encourage competitive pricing, and to publicly shame Howard Johnson in front of his friends for being so goddamn cheap.Though they're still putting on the final touches/acquiring more lodging partners, LMG's backing any booking you make with its "120% happiness guarantee" -- the very deal responsible for all your pants being custom-stitched with elastic waists.