In the music world, combining proven elements can lead to success -- C, S, and N achieved next-level stardom with the addition of Y, while those damn streets finally had it taken to them by a Michael McD'd Doobie Brothers. Bringing together the best elements of concert tracking, Livekick.

Co-founded by a former Sony VP, Kick's a concert-calendar-app with music library integration plus a ticket search engine, an iConcertCal-meets-Kayak tool -- leaving the sole fly in the concert ointment your mom's insistence on chaperoning. To get informed, tell Kick your city/zip, then upload your iTunes library (or give it your Pandora/MySpace/ account), and in minutes you'll be looking at a calendar overflowing with local gigs from both musicians you know, and those whom Kick's proprietary recommendation system flags as stylistically similar to your faves, though honestly, there's no algorithm for Springsteen's "Jerseyness". If you see a show you dig, Kick'll scour the web to bring back the best deals from hawkers like Ticketmaster, eBay, StubHub, TicketCity, and Ticketsnow, who could have used capitalization to avoid the presumption that they only cater to hardcore "Informer" fans. You can also have your matching shows sent to you via an RSS feed/Twitter, or if navigating the web makes your brain hemorrhage, you can get show updates via iCal/iPhone, Outlook, or a downloadable widget -- because the greatest success you can imagine is taking it to your desktop, whoooaaahhhhh!