Chatroulette may be interesting to people with nothing better to do with their time, but what if you're more interested in working hard to get ahead than watching strangers get hard and work their head? Well now there's a roulette for you: MeetingRoulette.

Inspired by the Net sensation connecting total strangers who want to talk to/stare at/tug it for one another, Meeting'll arbitrarily link you up with other site users so you can practice delivering presentations/pitches to an unbiased, business savvy audience, far better than practicing for your mom, who thinks everything you do is great, and totally doesn't understand Keynes' theory of price stickiness. Automatically firing up your webcam as soon as the site loads, simply hit the "New Meeting" button to be paired with another queued "executive" (teams are welcome too), who'll both receive your presentation and deliver their own before you break it all down with (hopefully) constructive performance critiques and advice; full audio/video capabilities are also augmented by a chat box, perfect for silently sending one another notes about how you wish you were outside instead of stuck in this stupid voluntary meeting all day. If you feel like testing your preparedness/ are a cocky jackass, there's also a "Curveball" button that introduces discussion topics on the fly (via the chat window), covering involved biz subjects from Systematic Risk, to Long Term Liabilities, to Adventure Capital, though if you're prepping to meet Six Flags corporate bigwigs, don't bother, 'cause...they're busy preparing your pizza

If at any point you feel you've constructive-criticism-sucked your audience dry, hit the New Meeting button to be thrust into another meeting -- if you see your new execs furiously working their head, it's only to demonstrate how effective their ChafeBegone cream is.