The number three is pretty magical -- without it, the stooges slapstick would be less dynamic, threesomes would just be regular sex, and there wouldn't be enough Dog Nights to bring Joy to the World are probably some other good examples. For three very distinct types of home decor all from one outfit, check out Michelin Man Inspired Art. Featuring not one, not two, but three highly distinct lines of auto-inspired art, MMIA's from a car obsessed Aussie who was "introduced to his passion when he was 7 sitting on his father's shoulders at the 1956 Australian Grand Prix", so yeah, he's old. First up're a grip of wine racks made from salvaged Porsche cylinders, including two 6-cylinder jobs (one vertical, one horizontal) held together with billet aluminum frames, with a bottle in place of each piston; there's also a bubbly-friendly solo cylinder converted into a bucket, whose contents should be consumed prior to watching any movies about its list. Walls can get nice as well, with one of 13 acrylics on canvas (also avail as reproduction prints) that rep everything from old-school promotional posters for early Monaco Grand Prixs, to an original take on Michael Schumacher's F1 whip, to a long-ago ride whizzing by bystanders that's called "Vintage Speed", so...where's the Benzedrine? As for the eponymous icon, you'll find him parlayed into original sculptures in poses aping some of the world's most famous art, from the armless, robed Venus de Milage, to the gold crowned Statue of Rubberty, and hey, when you're all about the rubber, it doesn't matter if Mama told you not to come.