Mini Cassette Tees

While paying allegiance to your favorite cultural touchstones is just part of being a man, separating yourself from run-of-the-mill fanboydom requires placing a unique personal spin on that adulation. Which sounds really hard. Instead, just go with creative cult film homages from Mini Cassette Tees.

Arting up 100% cotton short sleevers with quirky takes on classic horror and sci-fi flicks, MC Tees was founded in Chapel Hill by -- get this -- one designer and two guys who owned a screen-printing shop. Blockbuster riffs include a pop-arty silhouette of Jaws sinking the Orca in ocean blue, a faux logo for Camp Crystal Lake featuring Jason's mask in army green, a light brown number rocking the Millennium Falcon's targeting layout, and Michael Myers burning rubber in a station wagon, because more impressive to MC than his sweet murdering skills was his ability "to drive a car like a pro even though he had never driven before in his life". Deeper cuts include a pair from the Evil Dead series, i.e., a demented mounted deer surrounded by maniacal HA!'s, and Ash rendered as an adorable Lego figurine (treatment also given to Big Trouble in Little China's Jack Burton); a face-painted Baseball Furies member from The Warriors; and the Green Goblin-grill'd 18-wheeler from Maximum Overdrive, the movie that sent Emilio Estevez's career on a Highway to Hell.

If your abode also loves cult flicks, MC slings limited-ed hand signed/numbered silk-screened prints, including a sweet schematic of the infamous ED-209 police drone from RoboCop, which you would totally frame and put on your wall, if it didn't mean lifting a hammer.