Euro biking gear you'll want to wear all the time

A city's dress often reflects its dynamics -- Honolulu's floral shirts suggest a laid back tropical lifestyle, while Nebraska's overalls belie a lack of any cities. Helping you stay stylish while navigating your local Gothic quarter, Barcelona's Muxu.

Developed and tested by the messengers who cruise Barca's notoriously car-prohibitive Roman downtown, Muxu's a just-launched urban cycling brand making ultra-tech riding garb disguised as Euro-chic gear, which they want to "look and feel amazing, whilst functioning without compromise", so basically the anti-Andy Dick. The collection starts up top with two slim-cut polos -- the blue-with-white-horizontal-stripes Ride Stripe and the navy Ride Pique -- cut from anti-bacterial-treated Dri-Release cotton (dries 4x faster & eliminates stank), and boasting low shoulder seams (for bag-carrying comfort) & a secret MP3-sized zip pocket; there's also the super-breathable cotton/elastane Ride Shirt buttondown, avail in blue or stone and enabling arm mobility thanks to specially-cut "shoulder relief", useful for anyone shrugging their Atlas. Down below there're dual colorways in the dapper elastane/cotton 3/4 Short, which rocks two deep seat pockets, one layered w/ a second, phone-sized one; a protective/extra comfy "seamless crotch" area (to avoid splitting); and a low-front, high-back cut to help 'em "stay out of the way of your stomach", so it can expand forward until you've got lovehandlebars.

Finishing things off are a slim-cut odor-wicking t-shirt, a pair of socks with woven reflective strip, and a short-brimmed ride cap, an article that many hope will reflect a laid back lifestyle, but usually just belies a lack of any hair.