Save on your expendable expenditures

Published On 07/01/2010 Published On 07/01/2010

Accepting your weaknesses can free you to build on them -- Tim Wakefield admitted he couldn't throw harder than 70 and became a knuckler, while Sebastian Janikowski realized he couldn't stop drinking and developed a leg so long, nobody would blame him for having no idea where the uprights are. Accepting your spending problems and mitigating them for you: Offermatic.

Like a non-human enabler, Offer's a just-launched purchase-tracking site that determines your credit card spending trends, then connects you with hefty discounts on whatever you foolishly buy a lot of, meaning Jay Bilas is in for some crazy savings on the hype over Demarcus Cousins' length. Provide your credit and/or debit acct info (don't worry, it's bank-level secure), and Offer'll review your purchase history and start tracking your activity; once pigeonholed, you'll begin receiving periodic emails with exclusive discounts on relevant goods & services from a growing roster of major & local brands, which range from 40-90% off thanks to direct negotiations, which Kevin Spacey was forced to do in order to drag out the movie for 30 more minutes keep the audience guessing if Samuel L was guilty! Sample ergo savings: $380 in monthly car rental expenditures earning you 50% off or two free days the following month; dropping $80 on vid games over two months snaring a free two-month game rental service trial; and a subscription to the WSJ Online landing you a 6-month trial of the Economist, useful, as nobody at the bus stop will think you're a big deal if you're just reading printouts.

To top it off, every card you register earns $1.25 (via PayPal) per month so long as you charge $1000 on it, though if you're betting that'll improve your overall financial health, your weakness is being Antoine Walker.



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