Old Time Computer

Published On 06/08/2010 Published On 06/08/2010

An old and worn-in look can be very attractive, whether it means using reclaimed wood in a building project, cutting holes in your jeans, or casting Mary Steenburgen. Seriously, she only gets more bonable, right? Wizening modern technology: Old Time Computers

From a self-professed "Mac addict" in Cincinnati, OTC sports an array of modded steampunk-ish cases that're sized to fit over an entire desktop, transforming it into the "perfect fusion of old Victorian style and latest technology" (suck it, robo-Judi Dench!). Mods start big, with a handful of pieces designed for iMacs that're cut from solid oak and feature brass and gold trim accents around the screen, a marble-painted piece of maple to cover the stand, and matching oak trim that fits over the keyboard; if you don't have a computer to pimp, OTC'll deck out a 20" Dell flatscreen in your choice of oak, cherry, hard maple, rusty patina, or faux marble, and outfit it w/ a tilting stand made from gas valves and old brass fixtures, which is what that spittoon was destined to become at Michigan State once they decided to play Indiana for it. You can also pick up fully-encased wireless keyboard mods done to look like vintage typewriters, from one trimmed in oak & brass and adorned w/ custom laser-cut black & white keys , to others that come paired with matching mice trimmed in faux marble and rocking jewel detailing that looks like it could "stay here forever" (what, you were expecting a Who Will Save Your Soul joke? That's not even, like, her tenth best song!)

Because you can't always be locked down at a desk, OTC's even peddling a slew of mobile accoutrements, like a variety of wood and brass charging docks for iPods, iPhones, and iPads, whose screen will quickly become worn-in following repeated crank sessions watching Step Brothers and Elf, and not for all the Will Ferrell.



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