People of Public Transit

There are lots of reasons to use public transportation: it's cheap, great for the environment, and the one place where people get your Zubaz. Get a closer look at fellow freaks, at People of Public Transit

A user-submitted photo mecca of hideous misfits a la the groundbreaking People of Walmart, PoPT captures the choice ridiculousness that occurs within the confines of subway cars, buses, and transportation stations everywhere -- for the fully authentic experience, just pee on your computer. The fun starts with some harmless offenders, from subway nappers (dude asleep on the upper luggage rack; a passed-out Santa), to the fashionably oblivious, including a guy donning an Andre 3000-caliber getup whilst knitting a sweater, someone in a knit neon pink/purple/green superhero bodysuit and mask, and a yellow-haired, clown-suited chap w/ a big rolling suitcase, which he'd better check at the airport, as the TSA has a strict ban on carry-ons containing water-squirting flowers and terrible life decisions. Things get weird fast from there, beginning with an elderly woman asleep on a train with an AK-47 tucked daintily under her arm, a commuter resting an unwrapped loaf of bread in his lap as he sharpens a massive butcher knife on a crowded train, and a mock stage of costumed children's dolls singing into mini-microphones set up by an elderly, keyboard-playing subway musician -- clearly, he's not composing in B-sharp

PoPT's strongly encourages users to send in photos, and is even awarding cash prizes to the three best submitted photos per month -- dough that'll allow you to ditch the train for good, and get around with the one true appreciator of Zubaz: you.