Pike Brothers

Companies who make stuff for the military often branch out into regular-people products, from fighter jet maker Northrop-Grumman's mail trucks...yeah, good ol' Northrop-Grumman. For duds from a former military garbsmith, check out Pike Brothers.Founded by two London bros whom US soldiers relied on for uniforms during WWII, Pike now pumps out cool vintage-y workwear-feeling denim, jackets, and shirts in a style they describe as "tough and sturdy" and "inspired by 1930s-50s America", letting everyone remember the halcyon days of total nationwide financial insolvency and world wars. Their stock of jeanery starts with the loose-fitting raw indigo 1937 Roamer with "suspender buttons", the slightly darker regular fit 1955 Engineer (woven on a vintage 1950s shuttle loom), and a pair of unwashed 5-pocket US Army jeans reproduced with authentic 30s features like zinc Army buttons, so when you see old people you can casually point to your crotch and ask "remember these?". Torso-wise, there's the 2-pocket dark blue flight jacket-ish Hybrid with an alpaca wool lining, plus the B-10 jacket with a cotton satin shell featuring an Air Force insignia on the shoulder and Pike's crown & stars logo on the back; rounding everything out're a couple sweatshirts and vintage-y graphic tees, some referencing particular Air Force & Navy units, and others printed with "V for Victory", which outsells 10-to-1 "V for Virginity".If you're craving some next level workwear, Pike's got a pair of old school denim overalls and a ridiculous set of jumpsuit-esque denim coveralls complete with a "period-style" zipper and zinc snaps, all to better keep private what you've got going on down Southrop: your good ol' male truck.