Play Golf Designs

Whether it's who can drink a bottle down faster, or who can concoct the most florid excuse for why they slept alone, any good bachelor party boils down to an alpha-dog pissing contest -- which means once you hit the links, the last thing you want is some hairy-armed club pro being a bigger man than all of you. Get non-threatening instruction from a hot woman, with Play Golf Designs. Based in Vegas, but available throughout the U.S. and Canada, PGD offers your group (or just you) a roster of attractive female instructors who've succeeded everywhere from the NCAA, to the Duramed Futures Tour, to the LPGA, and whose temperaments allow them to set aside pride and informally instruct guys who pretty much just suck. How it works: first, select the # of girls you'd like, then pick your top choices based on accolades ("NCAA All-American", "Female Golfer of the Year", "Sexiest Golfer in the World") and a gallery featuring both action shots, and shots taken in impossibly short shorts and heels -- try walking 18 in those, and you'll wish you had Casey Martin's leg. On game day, you'll start with an hour clinic (chipping, putting, the dreaded flop shot), then hit the course, learning by watching/ogling, and from an instructional method that mixes kindness, understanding, and a touch of sweet passive aggression (the ladies are trained to teach you "how they would hit your ball"). As for the fear that girls might cramp your group's drunkenly foul-mouthed style: they all cut their teeth at clubs dominated by grumpy oldsters desperately trying to get away from women, so they've heard it all, and can dish it out too, a quality that in concert with their looks facilitates that most alpha of bachelor party missions -- convincing the bachelor he shouldn't get married.