Peering into the future can be dangerous: properly wield its secrets, and Biff Tannen-esque wealth is yours for the taking, but fail to respect it, and you'll wind up getting chased by cave-dwelling monsters, wondering when the hell they're gonna make Memento 2. Letting you safely peer into your financial future, PocketSmith.

Based out o' the financial hotbed that is New Zealand, PS is a visual budgeting service that lets you cruise months ahead to see the future given your earnings/spending habits, which probably looks more Mad Max than that movie that hasn't been made yet where the future is awesome at no expense to mankind's freedom. Services start with Forecast, where you create a calendar, supply your starting balance, and add planned onetime or recurring income/expense "events" (e.g., rent, paychecks, dinner), with your projected loot total through the end of the year reflected both daily on your calendar and on pie/bar graphs that show you where it's all going; next, hit Accounts to upload/manually input your actual bank info, then use the Compares section to see how reality stacks up against your earlier projections, revealing you wildly overestimated the true-market-value of your "companionship". Finally, Goals lets you designate any future purchases you'd like to make, and how much cash you'd like to have left after the purchase, then provides a countdown for the number of days until you can finally own that autographed Europe poster.

Pocket offers Premium and Super packages with increased access to calendars to facilitate multiple projection scenarios, but the free version'll allow you to curate two cals and track up to 6 events, still plenty of information about the wretched state of your finances to make you wish you were Sammy Jankis.