Red Canoe Brands

Appealing to people's national heritage can sell lots of merchandise, as proven by the proliferation of Italian flag shirts, and for the Irish, the proliferation of alcohol. Get fresh culture-repping duds from people about whose you don't care, with Red Canoe Brands' new winter gear.From a Canadian named Dax, Red's inspired by iconic Canuck history, particularly old-school aviation, nautical, and military gear, all amounting to a collection of what they describe as "comfortable outdoor clothing meant to be worn", which is a pretty crazy concept, but hey, they're Canadian. The goods start crazy-warm, with coats like the wool zip-up Cessna (featuring vintage Cessna embroidered patches), a bomber-style Loden wool number with authentic De Havilland aircraft patches, and a replica of the supposedly classic RCAF/Canadian Armed Forces Summer Flying jacket in dark jet blue with sleeve zip pockets and four interior "map" pockets, which probably aren't enough, considering how hot maps are these days. Because layering is awesome, they've got a stock of sweaters and sweatshirts, including the slim-fit Canada Field merino wool cardigan with elbow and shoulder padding, a fleece with "CESSNA" embroidered on the front, and a blue zip-front sweatshirt with a maple leaf logo on the right sleeve and RCAF spelled out wide across the chest, which realllly won't help with the whole everybody staring at your rack all the time thing.To round out your Northern Neighbor steez, there're replica RCAF luggage and shoulder bags, a grip of baseball caps repping Canadian territories, the Mounties, plus various passenger airlines, and a handful of tartan scarves, which are super-appropriate for aviation, as everyone knows the Scotch don't drink.