Rocket Design

Rock & Roll has long exerted its influence on fashion, but much less frequently does it find its way into home decor, probably because nobody wants to fill their pad with glass tables that were shattered by barrel-rolling groupies. Decking your pad with tunes-inspired furniture minus the incidentals bill, Rocket Desig

From a firm intent on making things "that remind you that life is anything but dull", Rocket's a new hard rocking Italian furniture concern who claim their collection was "born between Milan and London's East End", though given they're actually based in Milan they may want to brush up on their geography. Room-rockification begins with major pieces, like a 3-foot-long coffee table modded with a red Plexiglass top cut in the shape of an electric guitar (with aluminum edges and legs); a wall-mountable shelf designed as a car tape deck, with the half-ejected cassette functioning as the shelf; and a vertical wine rack with six A/V jacks sized to hold a bottle of vino, though consume them all and the biggest jack will be you. The beat goes on with smaller accessories like a Fender-shaped shot glass tray (complete with six glasses resting in their respective slots), a Plexiglass dinner tray printed to look like a turntable, and a circular wall mirror donning an oversized pair of DJ headphones, which muffle out your moans of disappointment every time you look into it

To impress dinner guests there're napkin holders shaped like tiny headphones, plus a set of faux-vinyl record coasters, though just remember the rocks that're most likely to get you to roll into a table are actually the ones your pouring your drink over.