The great thing about Facebook and YouTube is that they let everyone see what you're up to; the bad thing about them is, they let everyone see what you're up to, and it's usually getting cranked in the balls by a toddler. Only show the people you want the goods, with Rrripple

From a couple Silicon Valley vets, Rrripple helps make your media sharing selective by letting you upload, organize, and privately parcel out anything to only the people you choose in different groups of friends you've created, although this time, they get to decide for themselves whether they love high tea in the attic or not. The uber-simple process starts with you uploading and organizing files (PDFs, word docs, etc), photos, videos, and links, any of which you can add commentary on via "notes", which thankfully for you have been digitized, so as not to get you busted by mean old Mrs. Miller. Once you're uploaded, invite your hand-selected viewers (as few as one) to join specific groups you've created (i.e., close friends, coworkers, family, etc), and designate what items from your Wall you'd like to make viewable/downloadable for each -- just be sure to omit that photo of your new polar bear dashiki from "PETA Posse", unless you want to be hilarious

'Rip's also planning to debut an iPhone app in the very near future, so even on the go you can share your private-est things, especially when they're getting pummeled by people who can barely walk.