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Published On 03/16/2009 Published On 03/16/2009

Every so often, a scientific breakthrough so undeniably powerful comes along, all of mankind is sent hurtling uncontrollably into the future, like atomic energy, and the device in Quantum Leap. Dragging humanity into the future by our man-loins, Saxx Apparel.

Created by a Canadian tired of having his gent-bits sweatily pressed into his thighs while fishing, Saxx's full line of underoos're innovatively designed to keep junk cool and free from skin contact, because crazy "society" says leaving your wang dangling out of your fly's an untenable long-term solution. The front of each groin garment features patent-pending Apex Point Pouch technology, a bulge-enhancing package-pocket that promotes a natural resting position, encompassed by trademarked comfort side panels comprised of a layer of thin, breathable, stretchable mesh that runs from waistband to seat on both sides of your kibbles -- crafted to fit the natural contour of a man, and leaving your boy dong feeling like a hot dog in a hallway. Johnson-swaddling's accomplished by your choice of three fabrics (each available in trunk, boxer brief, and full-leg long-johns), including comfy 100% cotton, ultra-soft bamboo, and an athletic line made of anti-microbial, moisture-wicking "performance" fabrics, for your A-Rod.

Already a phenomenon north of the border, SA's in the pants of Canadians like big leaguers Justin Morneau and Jeff Francis, and Friday Night Lights's Taylor Kitsch, who's smoldering star power has him hurtling uncontrollably towards being the future Scott Bakula.



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