Some nicknames just stick with you forever -- isn't that right, Skiddy Poo Pants? For a nickname with such staying power it's morphed into a clothing line, check out Skilla.Fresh outta Hampton, GA, Skilla's an available-online-only line of limited-run tees, belts, polos, and long-sleeves, run by a mechanical engineer whose inspiration came from his love of typography and architecture, and who named the company after the high school moniker honoring his skillful dancing, drawing abilities, and extreme willingness to be called words that don't exist. The super-lightweight tees're made with 100% premium ring-spun cotton, including the "S for Skilla" (in yellow or aqua blue), with a large red, maze-looking "S" on front, the "Power of Peace", w/ a peace hand sign and a mirrored image of praying hands and a fist-pumping militant, the black "Music", w/ gold microphone/piano/boombox logo, and a red number printed with "Birth Of The Hero", also a nine-hour long Ken Burns sandwich documentary. Also available's a gray v-neck featuring a gold-inked "S" framed in a curvy crest, a stretch-cotton polo w/ the same gold foil logo stamped on its left chest, and the long-sleeve black "Skilla Shirt", with the company name written in medieval axe-like font on front, plus the tagline "Clothing That Brings Glory" -- so...not tuxedo shirts?For your waist, Skilla's got cotton logo belts w/ chrome snap-close buckles like the royal blue "S" and the yellow "Music For All" (which borrows the "Music" design), plus all orders come with a "small surprise" -- also the very thing that can result in cruel, undying nicknames.