There are plenty of ways to get a good workout other than the gym, like rock climbing, mountain biking through the woods, and running through said woods in the opposite direction of the bear who just ate your bike. Helping you keep your workouts interesting and often, Skimble.

Developed by a duo of hardcore climbers, Skimble's a free service that lets you plan and track fun alternative workouts by helping you find outdoor activities in your area, coordinate group excursions, break down your workout performance, and motivate you to keep it up by comparing your day-to-day activity level with other peoples', who you'll soon come to realize don't have jobs, and are on steroids and meth. Just create a basic account, then start building out "trips" by searching for a workout location (park near your house, hiking trail, rock climbing spot, lake) choosing the activity you're planning (hiking, canoeing, cycling, surfing, or if you're boring, cardio/weights), and set the date you plan to go; once you're done, fill out a performance report (i.e. miles hiked/biked/ran, duration), which their system'll convert into a chart tracking your distance/duration/exertion over weeks and months; a line graph, though everyone knows "out of shape" is best represented in pies. If you're looking to find a cool new spot for a trip to hike/bike/whatever, you can either "follow" fellow users to see a realtime feed of their adventures, hit "Destinations" to browse popular workout spots, or check state-by-state to find a gym/park/climbing facility nearby; to coordinate a group excursion, just choose a destination, activity, and date, and hit "Invite" to have Skimble send an email out to let friends know, a more acceptable way to prove to people you're exercising these days than perpetual Under Armour.

If people still don't believe you're working out, you can upload photos/video for any activity you've completed, and if you want to stay organized you can have your "trips" synced with whichever calendar application you use, to better avoid conflicts with your Bear-ly Made It support group.