When looking for something to do in an unknown city, standard Internet searches can often lead you down the wrong roads, e.g., "affordable Thai" can mean wildly different prices in different cities, and occasionally leave you with venereal disease. Helping you figure out exactly what you're looking for, Sortuv.

From a pack of Microsoft developers, Sortuv will dutifully find restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment you'll almost definitely dig in cities you don't know well, by taking places you already love and shoving them into its crazy-complicated intuitive search engine, a step up from your usual low-tech solution: gin. To get started, click on what you're looking for (Restos, Nightlife, etc), then enter a place you already enjoy and where you're headed, and let Sort do its magic, spitting out a list of suggested similar spots, each with a brief descrip, photo, and menu/website link if available, all chosen by their proprietary "connected data" comparison search tech, which weighs commonalities like ratings info, pricing, specialties/features, and other contextual details -- put in your favorite little Italian place, and it'll return...what? They have an Olive Garden here, too?!? Each place gets a correlation percentage to your original spot plus a map view, and post-search, you can drill down your specs even more, like designating a hyper-specific cuisine, or whether to include chains/name brands; to keep you good and busy, Sort'll also spit out suggestions for places with similar steez in other categories, because sometimes you don't even realize you're looking for a nightclub with great drinks that looks exactly like your Olive Garden.

Sort's also got an iPhone app that lets you rate where you've been and does the same job of recommending new spots, so even on the go, you can be sure to always avoid a tourist clap.