Zeal Transcend Goggles

Getting where you're going is easier with the proper tools, assuming they can read a map without getting distracted by their Eagles road trip mix. Helping you navigate the slopes without a co-pilot, Zeal's new Transcend Goggles

A groundbreaking piece of downhill-ready gadgetry from a Canadian design lab known for ultra high-qual sports eyewear, Transcend's a super tech'd up lightweight pair of goggles equipped w/ a GPS-enabled interior-mounted LCD display that'll give a readout of nearly any real-time info you'd want to know while shredding the gnar, but not shredding the GWAR, because GWAR only shreds you. Features include

- precise GPS- speedometer- altimeter- vertical odometer- compass- stopwatch- USB connectivity for downloading ride data, and plotting "highlights" on a GMap overlay for "review and analysis", to see if things Bode well for you going pr

As for boring goggle functions of the past, you have your pick between two sun blocking lenses -- a straight-up polarized job or a baller-er one that auto-adjusts its tint to changing light conditions, though expect them to remain "very" so long as Desperado's in the tape deck.