Guidebooks may contain useful travel info, but it's usually lost in a haystack of crap you don't care about, like where to take kids, or what side of the road to drive on to avoid sending a bunch of kids to the hospital. Customize your travel guide with

From a collective of pro travel vets and web gurus, Stay's a one-stop shop for creating trip itineraries & city guides that cover only what you're interested in, from the best pizza, to the hooligan-iest pub, to the greatest private collection of Medieval tapestries and stained glass in all of Western Europe more pizza. Launching with 50+ destination hot spots, hit your city's homepage for a general overview broken into tabs for things like Restaurants, Bars+Nightlife, and "Things To Do" (i.e., museums, historic spots...), each stocked with staff picks (written by one of their experts) that can be saved to your itinerary with one click only (click twice, and a confused Scott Glenn may torpedo you into oblivion). After selecting your spots, use the embedded proprietary hotel search engine (leveraging their relationship with 100,000+ resorts worldwide, and auto-linked to your itinerary) to book rooms, then convert your finished guide into a printable PDF breaking down your picks by category, and dropping 'em all on a Gmap, but not a G Rap, as he's too busy being street to tell what street your crap is on

If you're into oversharing your travels, you can publish your trip specs either on the site or via email/Facebook/Twitter, and even comment on any particular listed spot you hit up once you return, assuming you didn't end up crashing your car into a haystack...of kids.



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