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Grandfathers can provide inspiration for all kinds of things, but when it comes to pants, how appropriate is that inspiration? Depends. For gramps-exalting duds no one'll dump on, check Pace Jeans

Created by two Swedish brothers as an homage to their grandpa -- a gold miner and denim devotee -- Pace's new web shop's stocked with freshly dropped retro-styled pants that testify to the fact "indigo has flowed in our veins all our lives", meaning wearing jeans must make them feel even closer to fine. The vintage looks start loose, with Japanese raw selvedge jobs like the '30s-inspired, high-waisted, loose-yet-stiff-legged Baggy Cinch (named for a tightening cinch on the rear waist), and the slightly straighter-legged Loose, avail in three straight forward washes and rocking a spacious crotch they call "gentle antifit", so at least it'll be nice about the fact you aren't filling it out. For slimmer steez there's the low-back-pocketed P=006, with a regular fit avail in raw dark, lighter "Redwood", and super-light "Linden" washes; the zip-fly Tapered, with the same wash options and a "normal waist"; and odd jobs from a black-coated skinny stretch affair to a straight leg number in a light wash they call "Beige Trash", because nobody's actually "white". Except for albinos, and they're crazy sophisticated

If looking Canadian's your thing, you can hit their collection of variously washed denim jackets, and there's even a pair of OG carpenter-style overalls boasting a pocketed bib, sure to come in handy so long as the mess you're making isn't inspired by your grandfather.

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