The Super Bowl Snackdown

To ensure your Super Sunday's the gorgefest god intended, we rounded up quick & easy recipes from Barton G., the MIA-based restaurant/catering team behind the Big Game's grub, then asked the drinks crew from South Beach's Red, The Steakhouse to create a gameday cocktail sure to give you Red, The Face.

Shrimp SlidersTed Mendez, Executive Chef, Barton G. This fresh take on the ascendant mini-burger starts with a tantalizing mix of shellfish before getting dressed up with scallions, melted Jack, and condiments, but not condoms, as they take away all the mouth-feel. Get crafty with shrimp and check this recipe

Philly Steak Egg RollsTed Mendez, Executive Chef, Barton G. For XLIV, pack shallots, Parmesan, truffle butter and some fresh deli meat into these fried roll-ups; or, sub all of that out for pressed, cellophane-wrapped, pectin-based fruit-flavored candy, and you'll have your snack from XXIV. Get the full how-to right here

Red PepperMurisa Schwartz, Head Bartender, Red, The Steakhouse This muddled thirst-quencher combines gin with red peppers, agave nectar, and fresh mint -- so don't also make some jungle juice, because everyone knows freshmint can't handle themselves at parties once that comes out. Peep the recipe deets here