An amphibious race with chariots, on a (partially) nude beach

If you've ever wanted to be in a boat race and a car race at the same time, all while kicking it on a part-clothed, part-"clothing-optional" beach on a South Pacific island that may or may not have cute island girls running around, check out the Onetangi Beach Races. Held on-and-off for over 100yrs (including this past Feb 24th) on the semi-remote Waiheke Island, just over 10mi off the coast of New Zealand, the OBR've evolved over the years into the largest amphibious vehicle races in the world

The craft of choice here is called SeaLegs; it's a small speedboat that hits over 40mph on the water...

...then drops a trio of wheels that're powered by a 24hp Honda motor -- that means it can be driven across land, so pretty much anyone who drives one of these should win a Darwin Award

The race starts on land as everyone runs to their boat/car..

...and quickly speeds off into the water, boating around on a course that somehow still has other people's yachts on it. See? Darwin Awards

Once they return to land it's a quick sprint to the finish line

Of course, there're support events, too, like these chariot races, tractor races, and even wheelbarrow races where parents load up their kids and perform the time-honored tradition of trying to dump them off on someone else so they can enjoy their time on the island

Check out this vid of the SeaLegs in action.