Theory Web Shop

When a trusted brand launches a new venture, it's got to do it right, like when KFC hyped its grilled chicken as a healthier alternative, and Pizza Hut introduced pasta by wisely refusing to tell commercial guinea pigs they made it. For a brand taking their time to ensure they got their first web shop perfect, Theory.Biding their time to get everything right before flooding the information supernetz with their stylin' business-casual steez, Theory's just-launched e-shop's pushing its fresh collection of designer duds, comprising everything from blazers and shirts, to semi-dressy sweaters and jackets, to stuff you only reserve for fully dressy occasions: pants. The goods start warm, with the cotton/linen Royden 2-button sportcoat in greyish-white and the zip-up, biker-inspired leather Whitaker L in charcoal; conceal your chest-thicket with a slew of sweaterness including the two-pocketed Hamburg cardigan in grey, and the 100% cotton shawl-collared Renoir pullover, for when it's crucial to make a good first impressionist. If you're a big sweaty mess, there're plenty of lighter threads, including buttondowns like the slim-fit Kyson in black & white plaid and a dressier mini-striped silk number called Coupe; for down below, they've got the lightweight cotton slim-cut Marlo C, the straight-leg, sportcoat-ready Cody in wool, and the 5-pocket slim-cut jeans they call Ziggy, which will look perfect as long as you're well hung with a snow-white tan.For under-wearing, Theory's peddling a healthy stock of tees, including a slick ultra-lightweight black crewneck called Downey, a trusty name that's successfully expanded into a new venture of not being totally wired on drugs. For now.