Personal info's rarely personal anymore: drunken hookups make your friend's blog, incriminating vids're posted to YouTube, and thanks to Facebook, everyone knows your emotional state is "Single". So you might as well let it all hang out, at ThingyName

Thingy's an ultra-focused site dedicated to cataloguing male and female user-submitted nether-names -- allowing couples to titilate the world with their coquettish verbiage, and singles to demonstrate why they're not part of a couple. Sharing a nom-de-genital is easy: submit a name, pick the corresponding body part, and include any background info that you see fit, which can include etymology ("Peener" is derived from the Korean), anecdotal history ("Rebecca" was lifted from Sex and the City), and even proper usage (Nagles: "you want to jump my Nagles?"). Popular names range from familiars (Johnson, the eponymous Thingey), to more inventive fare such as Pork Steeple, Wang Mitten, Weehoo, Snoodle, and Snatchsquatch, whose rampant hair and constant out-of-focusness makes navigating the already-confusing female erogenous zone impossible

Once a name's up, it's open for discussion: vote your (dis)approval, join running commentary, and, should you come across someone else using your nickname, tag your co-ownership of it. Keep your posts anonymous, and your solo Facebook status'll never be linked to "Thumbelina".