Times Reader 2.0

While there's nothing like the feel of The New York Times in print, sometimes going electronic is unavoidable -- whether it's because you're constantly on-the-go, or because your roommate is constantly on-the-go, with your print edition of The New York Times. Get The Times electronically in a way that feels just like print, with Times Reader 2.0. Powered by Adobe Air, Times Reader 2.0 is a revolutionary application that captures the experience of perusing The Times the old-fashioned way: a print-style layout that lets you browse headlines, pictures and articles, all with the click of a button. Sync it up once a day, and you can read the latest news anytime, anywhere, without needing an internet connection, whether you're in the park or on the train, even if the train enters "dark territory" typically only navigable by Steven Seagal. You'll also get a 7-day back issue archive, news in video, and an interactive crossword puzzle -- so you'll never again pull out a pen, only to shamefully chicken out and go with a pencil.

Subscribe right now, and get a year of handsomely transmitted knowledge for just $3.45 per week, plus $100 off the purchase of the optimal laptop for thumbing through the Reader, a Samsung Go Netbook. If your roommate constantly takes that on-the-go, get a new roommate.