Sorting through today's glut of financial news can be daunting, especially since you're just one man...sitting on his couch...eating a Hot Pocket...who's a slow reader. Let others sort through the static, with Tip'd.Tip'd presents user-submitted breaking financial news, ideas, and tips, to an online voting community -- basically the Digg model (if it ain't broke, steal it). Users send in everything from blog posts to articles from vaunted sources like the NY Times, The Economist, etc., to be posted on an "Upcoming News" section, where community members use a simple Tip/Topple system to decide which articles reach the homepage, and which languish on the author's mother's refrigerator. News is constantly updating, but popular topics include ways to save money, how to repair bad credit, long-term investment advice, and recession monitoring; comments are also posted, some useful, some more along the lines of the in-no-way-angry-regarding-a-tiny-penis "At least the women getting laid off have a gig to fall back on..."Register up, and you'll be able to submit a story to the site, which'll be voted on by the rest of the community as soon as they wipe the tiny meatballs off their chest and get hooked on phonics.