Awesomely scrapbook your past & future sojourns

Published On 12/17/2010 Published On 12/17/2010

Movie locations are frequently fodder for bucket list vacation ideas, unless that movie's The Bucket List, as few want to visit the world's biggest pile of poo. Inspired by cinema to help you achieve your travel dreams, TripTrace.

Launched by a crew of ex-Netflix-ers, Trip turns the seed of your vacation into reality with its proprietary discovery engine/itinerary builder, then lets you create an eye-pleasing scrapbook once it's completed, an experience they liken to "the film production process, from pre-production, to post-production", only you won't be able to make a worse version of From Paris With Love. After completing a brief "quiz" of the places you already have/would like to visit, TT catalogs the info for your self-satisfaction/shame on a GMap, then lets you start building an itinerary for any desired destination via their "Atlas" section, where you can browse & save integrated listings on everything from food/dining to arts/culture thanks to partner source site PublicEarth, billed as a "wiki for places" (due to local laws, leak at your own risk). Next, they'll "Costimate" your journey based on factors including the # of travelers, trip length/date, and luxe level (economy, standard, deluxe), spitting back estimated budgets for airfare, transportation, accommodations, dining, and even spending money, which you can just answer with a hilarious "Yes, please!", then use to yes, please some sex.

Once back, users can log in to upload notes and geolocate any notable experiences they had or sights they visited, and plans are underway to allow for uploading photos and videos as well, so you can show friends all of the locations you visited until they wish they'd just kick the bucket.