Trojan's New
Condom Card

Published On 05/05/2009 Published On 05/05/2009

When it comes to travel, the condom's always consigned to coach: shoved deep in a pocket, or flattened inside your wallet between that over-punched sandwich card and that single blank check you also carry around "just in case". Let the little guy fly first class, with the Trojan 2GO. In the shape of a credit card, the 2GO is a discreet, disposable plastic case that comes preloaded with two condoms, providing your most trusted friends a safe, comfortable transit, from your home to her home, or possibly her hotel room, or maybe even her 1983 Chevy K5 Blazer, which at first turns you on because her having one's so awesome, then turns you off because it's kind of emasculating, then turns you back on because it's kind of emasculating.

Colored a stealthy black, the card can be snapped in half so that one condom can go to work, while the other kicks back and watches an in-flight movie, preferably an action flick, but a rom-com'll do if the script is clever enough. The 2GO's available with either Ultra Thin or Her Pleasure latex condoms, the latter coming with UltraSmooth premium lubricant -- for comfort, sensitivity, and the opportunity to ask the ultimate mid-coitus question, "How is the UltraSmooth working for you?". To find out more about 2GO -- and which stores near you are carrying this indispensable sex-cessory -- go to Otherwise, your condoms will think that you care more about whipping out your "Frequent Hoagie Club" card than using your willy.


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