This video is ridiculous... and stars OJ

Need a workout video that'll get you off the couch and ready to get fit?! No? Then get ready for Let's Work It Out.

From the obscure-clip mashup artist behind TV Carnage, LWIO's a two-years-in-the-making compilation of thousands of 1970s-90s fitness clips, artfully strung together in exploration of the pride, vanity, and pelvises of the inspirational lunatics who filled the airwaves late at night, and whenever CBS didn't have a one o'clock game.

Bravely resisting the honey trap of Richard Simmons, the hour-long romp teams with spandex-strangled genre stars like the immortally pony-tailed Tony Little, tween hotties from Alyssa Milano to Saved by the Bell's Hot Sundaes, and respected thespians like Angela Lansbury and Estelle Getty, who spent their tweens reading Sabretooth Tiger Beat...

But wait, there's more(!): masters of hump-and-grind (adult star Ginger Lynn), small-balled bodybuilders shredding the temple in front of Doogie Howser, and sports heroes like a disturbingly natural Lyle Alzado, and OJ Simpson committing a crime so heinous you'll wish he'd discovered murderin' sooner

Maxing out the weirdness is a hypnotizing Chippendales pre-dance "warmup", a montage of people saying "buttocks", and zombie aerobics, whose participants suggest in lieu of getting off the couch the couch you at least feast on some graiiiiiiiins.