They say college helps prepare young minds for the real world, but what if you didn't learn anything useful...because you squandered your days actually going to class? Providing lectures on topics of actual value: Udemy

A fresh venture from a trio of web gurus who cut their teeth building an online speed dating site, Udemy offers a growing and diverse selection of free, user-submitted online courses (i.e., vids) that ultimately aims to teach you almost anything you'd want to know about, other than sex, cause there are plenty of intercourse vids out there already. Fill out a brief profile with a few interests and Ud'll filter classes based on what you revealed (or peruse editor/user picks), which click to unveil a detailed course description, instructor bio, links to individual lecture vids (from a couple minutes up to an hour), and a list of other class members, one of whom will hopefully sell you their notes, cause Zelda isn't going to beat itself. Launch offerings include seminars on upping your poker game (when to fold, strategic "slow playing", etc.); "Seduction Language 101", which'll teach you how to "create initial connection and arousal" in women via "vague language"; and even one that'll school you in Esperanto, a "universal" language supposedly created to foster peace and international understanding...wait, who let Esperanto into "Seduction Language 101"

For those who learned cards and cooch in school and could use an academic injection, there're real courses led by actual professors from schools like Stanford and MIT, covering topics from cosmology to supply chain economics, which might come in handy now considering you squandered all your money "going to class".