If the route to expertise were made easy, men would master all sorts of formerly unapproachable disciplines -- who wouldn't want to build a jet propulsion engine, or perform a Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization on them self? Master the discipline of wine, with uncorked.com.

Just launched by a group of globetrotting wine lovers and deskbound tech fiends, uncorked.com uses ridiculously intuitive categories and key words to guide you towards a premium wine perfect for both the occasion and your personal taste, quickly turning you into a Net-enabled sommelier -- success that'll have WebMD seething with envy after failing to turn you into a Net-enabled neurologist. To find your grapey destiny, search by type/varietal, specific region, food, or character (dry? sweet? really sweet?); or use the MyTaste calculator, which'll mash up your favorite type, character, and food, then shoot out a wine so ideally suited, you'll whisper it Jeanne Tripplehorn's lines to Tom Cruise at the end of The Firm ("I've loved you all my life, even before we met..." no? well, it was a good movie). If your prime consideration's dollar bills, search by cost, or scoop up the DailyDeal: one blessedly discounted superlative bottle, presented alongside a personalized "MyTaste" percentage score, so you can see just how much you'll sell yourself out to save cash.

Other sterling features: a Netflix-style wine queue built to your specs, educational modules on pairing/regions/terms/etc, an Ask feature for all your annoying questions, and special groupings like "Large Format" wines (magnum & double magnum) and half-bottles, presented under "Party for One?" -- a discipline you need no help mastering whatsoever.