Any idiot can find a bar, but who can find a bar with twofers, $1 shots, and a free wings happy hour? You, idiot, with Unthirsty. Birthed in beer-soaked Portland, Unthirsty is yet another Google Map mash-up -- only instead of useless info like which restaurants tolerate roaches, this one helpfully plots local happy hours. Mousing over a spot pops up user-submitted info/comments, including the discounted-drinking schedule, specific deals, and helpful bits of information like "steer clear of the French fries, unless you like yours refried for maximum sogginess". Even better, a "This Very Moment" toggle will get you the address of the closest place for re-achieving blotto within moments of being laid off from your brewery job.If you're one of those sophisticated gentlemen for whom drinking isn't everything, Unthirsty also lets you filter by outdoor seating, food specials, and WiFi -- so you can return the favor by posting your 2¢ on Unthirsty until cheap-beer-and-wing slime claim your laptop and your life.