Walk Score

When it comes to your 'hood, you know every local business within walking distance, but what if you're craving a ham sandwich, and you're stuck without a car at your girlfriend's apartment, or your wife's apartment? Wherever you are, use Walk Score.WS fully breaks down the walkability surrounding a specific address, both in an overall sense, and by particulars according to your various needs, urges, and what some might call sicknesses. For a general assessment of foot-friendliness, type in any address, and WS'll use an algorithm factoring in amenity proximity to create a 1-100 walkability ranking; the higher the better, so you're fine if you're in the Loop (98), but might as well turn into Howard Hughes in Washington Heights (60). WS also populates a Gmap with business icons, letting you know the exact distance to nearby restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, grocery stores, and gyms, which you'll claim you don't need, since you're already doing plenty of walking.Already a celebrator of urban life, WS hopes to become an influencer with its newly unveiled, which lets users submit and vote on their top priorities for revitalizing cities, and lets you turn the new administration on to the Audacity of Ham.