What Happens When a Man & History Love Each Other Very Much

There are a million reasons why history class sucked, from those impossible map tests, to writing essays about people like Aaron Burr and Thomas Paine, who it turns out is not ye olde Auto-Tune dude. Attend a class where the lessons are fun, and full of expletives: Eff History

From a duo (and sometimes trio) of crafty Web nerds, FH's a collection of historic photos with synopses offering up some less scholarly, more wildly profane descrips of notable people, events, and achievements, or basically the kind of perspective you would've gotten in social studies had your teacher not used a textbook and was Andrew Dice Clay, but funny. Some of the best learnin' involves revolutionaries like Joan of Arc, who History urges to take her antipsychotics and perform a certain sexual act, and Che Guevara, who gets posterity-pwned with "You know you've done it wrong when some acne-ridden teenager in Tulsa spilled ketchup on your forehead, while eating a hot dog at Wal-Mart, and years later most people thought you were just a picture of a constipated Dave Navarro wearing a French artist's hat." The rest of the entries cover considerable ground, including breakthroughs in political freedom (The Magna Carta is deemed the worst "FAQ/Terms of Service I've ever read"), scientific theory (the author, feeling gravity is self-evident, offers to throw Isaac Newton off a building), and medicine (antibiotics are "trife" compared to bedroom enhancers and his girlfriend's synthetic yam-yams).

Material's not just limited to modern history; they reach as far back in time to as the big bang, about which they say "Yeah you talkin' loud but you ain't sayin' nothin" which anybody with a bit of Common Sense can realize also goes for Sir T of Pain.