Craigslist is a convenient way to get work you want done done, but it also opens you up to shrewd scam artists, and sensitive drywall installers searching for a meaningful friendship. Reduce your risk, with Workstir, now in beta.San Fran's own 'stir plays matchmaker between workers and the people pathetically dependent on them, vetting the former with a Facebook/LinkedIn and verbal background check to prevent users from wasting time, and getting molested. Start by posting a Craig-style job title/descrip, and an alert'll go out to any applicably tagged Workstirs; if nobody quite fits the bill, the site admins'll place calls to Workstirs on your behalf to see who's up to the daunting task of "fixing my leaky faucet (must be female)". After posting, you can wait out the best offer (and if you're paranoid, check their Facebook/LinkedIn yourself); once the job's done, you'll rate/review your Workstir, so eventually the best will rise to the top of the heap, while the rest will be forced to apply to Whorestir. While down the line Workstir plans on charging service providers a nominal fee, for now it's free for all users -- a convenient way to get a website you want launched launched.