Google Alerts are designed to eliminate arduous net surfing, but given Google's omniscience, they usually result in hours of arduous Google Alert surfing. Drill down to what you really want, with Yotify.Currently in beta, Yot's taken the GA concept to the next level by allowing you to create targeted "scouts" that'll send you hourly/daily email updates from specific sites, mindless tech servants who won't judge you for looking for a great deal on ultra-tiny condoms. For example, set up a scout for jobs/apartments/sale items on Craigslist, narrow with parameters like min/max price and descriptive keywords ("Account Exec", "Doorman", "Free"), and you'll get emails with all applicable posts. Yot can also alert you to price thresholds on eBay and eBay Tickets, Hotels.com, and Shopping.com, which searches thousands of websites to find that Amazon's the cheapest place to get Anal Eaze (seriously -- nobody reads books anymore).Of course you can still direct scouts towards standard news sites like Reuters, USAToday, and ESPN, and blogs like Deadspin and I Can Has Cheezburger, because if there's anything that's arduous, it's endlessly sifting through pictures of cats wearing cheese.