Ever since Spuds MacKenzie drowned in a hot tub and Joe Camel died of chlamydia, there's been a terrible void in the cool-animal t-shirt market. Bringing it back with menace: 1AEON.A sartorial bestiary of hand silk-screened tees featuring claw-bearing birds and beasts and ominous nature scenes, 1As're designed in the wilds of Brooklyn -- so unspoilt by mankind, you can't get delivery after 11. The viciousness starts with a snarling silver wolf, fighting and bleeding birds in the woods, an ornery crowned eagle, and a halftone horse rearing away from what's either giant, writhing snakes, or possibly your giant, writhing chest hair. Upping the surrealism is "Spacestation", featuring a halftone print of a looming rocketship behind two howling wolves and an enormous space turtle; bringing you to the point of madness is "Coezby Cat", which is actually just a freaky huge cat. But 1A doesn't just do animals. For instance, there's the cthulhu-esque "Eyemaster" (a palm made of smaller skeleton arms and a central eye), and a red v-neck sporting crossed Colt revolvers -- hopefully an homage to the grizzly recent passing of the Geico gecko.