2006: New York in Review

Culture: New York experienced a cultural revival when the City got so high it developed a voracious appetite for the musical martial arts. Food: The Spaniards and Koreanswaged a crusty battle for stomachs. Drinks: As for drinking, the people, wasted from a ridiculous happy hour and wine straight from the bottle, decided to gun down everything in their path. Events: Then there were the special occasions: getting blackout drunk, and fighting in the streets over shoes. Gadgets: Buying habits were frenzied, with men knifing each other in the belly before returning home for a relaxing lavage. Gear: The barbecue this year was inedible but stylish, meaning no more love from old bags, but plenty from sweet new ones. Services: A few lucky men even took to the seas, avoiding taxes, and the beating they had coming from the Russians.