Cultivated aesthetes often prefer their favorite artists' less-eminent phases, opting for, say, Picasso's Blue Period over Cubism, or eschewing John Grisham's Matthew McConaughey years for... the surprisingly fertile Chris O'Donnell era! Modeling his duds after Berlin-era Bowie, the guy behind a.a

From a former Ralph Lauren hot shot, a.a.'s Fall drop takes inspiration from the erstwhile Ziggy's mid-70s shift from leotard-wearing alien to New Wave suit-rocker, mixing classic prep staples with luxe flourishes to achieve a look pull-offable even by men who don't make love to their ego. Brit tradition starts with fabrics from Savile Row's Holland & Sherry, which get turned into blazers like a double breasted gray worsted flannel job with square side pockets, and a 100% wool gray herringbone pinstripe piece with exterior chest pocket, plus a thick-checked, moss green & brick twill vest; sweaters also play it relatively straight, from a heather-hued crewneck cardigan with black lower sleeves, to a thick-knit blue button-down w/ an unbroken collar that, when popped, will have you big shawlin', smashin', makin' your ends. More adventurous articles get touched up with recycled sheared mink, including a nutmeg twill, fur lapel'd double breaster, and a dark cotton/polyamide trench with belted waist and removable fur collar; select gear's made entirely of the fine fur, including a scarf and a vest, the latter being perfect for those strapped with Robin Williams' arms and Greg Louganis' chest

Rounding out the collection're a handful of button downs w/ contrasting collars, a variety of cuffed slacks made from dress materials, and silk/wool/camel hair scarfs hand painted with details like a pocket stuffed with pens, a look so nerdily off-putting to women, your own phase might as well be Pre-Pubist.