Aloha Rag

Peddling other peoples' stuff can be lucrative, but some yearn for the fulfillment that comes from getting hands on, from the gallery owner who picks up the brush, to the sperm bank owner who...also likes to paint. Pleasuring you with a first taste of their in-house gear, Aloha Rag, line-dropping on Monday.The first original designs from the owner of the twin brick & mortar boutiques, AR's spring line was born when the proprietor saw a void in the market while curating other designers, and decided to fill it with 10 items united by a "nostalgic take on American basics", an approach commonly referred to as Brian Setzering. Outerwear includes a hoodie slow spun from Japanese terry cotton, with vertical zips on the neck and cuffs; the M65-inspired metal button'd 1965 jacket, made from sturdy, intentionally-crinkled cotton and lined with summer twill; and, in a ltd-ed collab with Thakoon, a red-or-green plaid cardigan, an old-school style that knew it would have to dress up a little if anyone was ever going to love it, love it. The waist down's covered by beige-or-khaki chinos with un-hemmed cuffs; a pair of frayed shorts made from Okayama Japanese denim that's sanded, stone washed, and over dyed for a thoroughly distressed look; and bizarre 2-layered set that features a pair of Umbro-style shorts over high quality sweats, so you can finally stay warm while letting everyone in the strip club know you came ready for business.If you want to bring Aloha to the office, the line has one checkered button down, made from Japanese milled wrinkle-free cotton capable of keeping the collar erect while the body remains soft, a situation enjoyed by only the most experienced and confident...painters.