Appetite for Destruction

Welcome to the jungle! G&R tribute band Appetite for Destruction is returning to NYC. And because they rock too hard for dry land, they'll be playing on a boat. This is a much bigger event than the Slash-less engagement "Fat Axl" just closed at the Hammerstein. A taste of the action:The Band: AfD is so disturbingly spot-on they even perform the borrowed intros G&R used to segue into their own material live -- e.g., a few strains of Grand Funk Railroad leading into "Sweet Child O' Mine". For this show, they'll burn through 25 tunes, likely opening with "Nightrain" and closing with "Paradise City". Their one inauthentic note: unlike F'Axl, lead singer Bill Shores won't storm offstage prematurely -- a good thing, since he'd drown. The Cruise: You'll be headbanging aboard the Half Moon, a double-decker with a full bar below and a stage up top. The trip spans three hours, steaming down the East River under the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, with spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty -- whose torch of freedom will be burning for an encore of "Mr. Brownstone". Tickets are already on sale, and since capacity's obviously limited we suggest ordering now, before this Metal Ship sets sail and you're stuck watching a landlubber has-been instead of this brilliant, floating knockoff.