Arkitip and Generic Surplus Kicks

When two gear companies enter into sweet collaboration, they're usually like "damn, this feels amaaaazing, we'll do this all day long forever" -- but then one of them always ends up unsatisfied and wanting to "spice things up". Experience the Ménage á collab, with Arkitip-Generic Surplus-Ace Hotel pool shoes

Originally co-crafted for the Ace's poolside staff by the "clean and simple" gearsmiths at Generic Surplus and LA-based art and modern design zine Arkitip, these lightweight, beach-ready kicks are meant to evoke the quintessential essence of Palm Springs: summertime climes, ocean breezes, and the shameless indulgence in an early bird shrimp cocktail. Each pair's lined with beige canvas along the edges and around the lace eyelets, plus sports a pristine white cotton-mesh top sole that wicks off water and lets typically stifled feet "breath" during the summer heat -- more than can be said of you during Shannon Tweed's Summer Heat. The kicks also rock an army green heel pull strap, plus a vulcanized rubber toe cap and sole originally intended to prevent poolside waiters from slipping, shattering their skull, and wasting a perfectly good strawberry-banana colada

Ensuring you've got at least two pools to lamp by this summer, Ace is offering 20% off all rooms and 15% off spa visits at both their New York and Palm Springs hotels -- so you can promise NY "baby, I'll lay by you all summer long", then get bored and stutter "remember that thing we talked about? Well, Palm Springs is into it".