Beef & Guns

Thrillist has many passions. In particular, we love destruction -- like looting storefronts, keying cars and of course, shooting guns. Additionally, we enjoy a good steak. When we want to combine these two seemingly incompatible obsessions, we go for the Beef & Guns package from Site59: 90 minutes of gunplay at the West Side Pistol Range, followed by dinner at Frank's Restaurant.

The evening starts at the Range, where you're handed a .22 rifle and a grip of ammo*. Aside from standard targets, you can opt for several kinds of animals, or a criminal w/hostage -- so your next attempt at vigilante justice won't end in another senseless tragedy

After you're done discharging, you're off to Frank's old school steakhouse. Many Beef & Gunners bring their targets with them. If you opted for the Frank-shaped target, we suggest you use it as a bib

Thrillist sees several types of Beef & Guns outings:

  • For nights when you have a date with conservative pundit Ann Coulter.
  • For manly activities, like bachelor parties, or post-divorce celebrations.
  • For nights when you don't have a date with Ann Coulter, because that ho stood you up again, and the only thing stronger than your loneliness is your fiery rage.

It just doesn't get any better than prime cuts and firearms. It's not just about satisfaction, either; Thrillist believes that embracing such divergent activities has made us unbelievably sensitive and complex. For anyone who disagrees with that assessment, we feel an immense sadness, because our frequent Beef & Guns sessions have made us pretty damn good with a Glock.
*First-timers must take a brief gun safety course, but if you have a handgun license, you'll have access to Berettas, Smith & Wessons, and other hand-cannons.