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Beer Prom

To stay appropriately drunk through high school prom, you probably had to chug a stomach-pumping quantity of vodka beforehand. On Saturday, relive this magic night the way God intended -- with Brooklyn Brewery's Beer Prom. At Beer Prom, your ticket gets you all the sauce you can drink: there'll be eight draught beer options, plus two varieties of punch ("spiked" and "more spiked"). Whatever your pleasure, you can down it in the middle of BB's cavernous great room, instead of while standing on a toilet seat.The rest of the set-up's just like high school: cheesy 80s music, "nerd chairs" along the wall, elaborate decorations, and heaps of hors d'oeuvres you'll scarf with blinding speed as your date admires the elaborate decorations. Formal attire's required, but since there's a "Worst Dressed" award, "formal" can include powder blue tuxes with frills -- a rebellious style statement your date won't admire even a little. Of course no prom's complete without a king and queen, so pics will be taken of partygoers as they enter, then projected on a wall for guests to cheer for/laugh at. Win, and you'll not only get a fabulous prize pack, you'll also be drunk on smugness 'til Monday -- when you're once again waitlisted by Yale.