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Belgian National Day

Bastille Day's fine, but if you want to celebrate the holiday of a country that truly appreciates how lucky it is to exist, hit the Belgian National Day party, this Saturday at the Frying Pan.

Set against the bucolic Hudson River, the BNDP'll feature heavily alcoholic Belgian beers, Flemish-y DJs, and live Belgian bands (don't laugh -- at least two music industry insiders consider Belgium the next Canada). But that's just the start of a day that'll include:

The Miss Belgium Pageant: The first two MB's were actually a Hawaiian and a Senegalese woman; if they're as flexible about sex as they are nationality, you just might snag yourself a crown.

A Foosball Tournament: $40 entry fee per two-man team ($$ goes to charity), but the victors take home a $500 table.

Belgian Sports Gear Auction: Bid high, and you could walk away with an autographed racket from tennis superstar Kim Clijsters. You can then beat the foosball winners over the head with it before hurling their precious table off the pier

The fun starts at 1pm, but the organizers (Belgian mussel kings Petite Abeille) say the fest'll keep going "until the last one stands" -- last year's went 'til 2am, by which point you too will be lucky to exist.