Best of the Best

Like a succulent turducken in a bleak tableau of Auntie's Jell-O molds, the Thrillist Network's Best Of edition is here to comfort you. Have a good Thanksgiving, see you Monday.

Emailed to Nation:Beer Hoodies:
Customizable with the the name of your college/frat/favorite pastry/etc., this gray hoodie sports a vertical "coozie" pouch to safely cradle even opened beers, great, until your laid-back get together inevitably turns into a Crazy Handstand Party.
Beer yourself here

Emailed to SF: Portraits of the 70s:
Behold this epic compendium of Sears and Olan Mills portraits, lovingly tagged with descriptions like "the young Unabomber and his wife", "I got 20 that says he drives a Camaro", and "Those glasses came free with a purchase of Brut Cologne". Sure, but we've got $20 the dude who runs this site would totally do the Brut guy's wife.
Ugly people are funny people, so check 'em out

Emailed to Boston: Homage:
With some fresh-off-the-presses Boston action, Homage's "buttery soft" vintage-looking tees all make "shout outs to eclectic moments and personalities from sports, music, politics, and pop culture", much like a wedding toast from your bi-polar best friend.
Dress yourself, son. Please.

Emailed to Miami: Club Land Miami Videos:
From the "Cocaine Cowboys" producers, this 59-part documentary web series takes you behind the curtains to the back-office drama and blistering catfights of developing and running Miami clubs. The segments are updated every weekday, and so far feature club owners freaking out, backstabbing, and gloating, chicks dancing wildly, and some Chicago dudes getting dissed at the velvet rope, only to be allowed in after spastically moonwalking. Who didn't see that coming?
Bless your peepers with this hot mess

Emailed to Vegas: Gamble on your iPhone:
Kenny Rogers has lent his image to this new suite of iPhone blackjack and slots apps. Play against the machine, or against other Apple junkies for points and prizes (trips, hotel vouchers, etc), but not money, 'cause you got to know when to hold 'em, and when not to tangle with US gambling laws.
You're an inveterate gambler, and it's awesome. Check it here.