Best of the Best

Like a post pattern run by Amani, Taye Biddle(?), this month's selections from across the Thrillist Network will go deep to score the game winning touchdown in your heart.

Emailed to Nation:Puppet Artists From the mean streets of Darby, Montana, PA's a husband/wife puppet-making team who'll hand-sew and plushify to an insane level of detail the likeness of anything from fantasy characters (Yoda, Cat Woman, Captain America), to musicians (Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler, all members of KISS), to people who're just asking to be made into puppets, like coworkers, annoying relatives, and yourself, so you can finally learn to not do drugs from someone you trust. Get all voodoo on that butt here

Emailed to San Francisco:Chrome Shoes Dropping right now, local messenger bag purveyor Chrome's first foray into the footwear world's a sweet line o' casually classy kicks, built messenger-tough with materials that sadly cause their bags to outlast the dudes who wear them. Guess what, your feet are ugly, so cover them up

Emailed to Washington DC:These Boilermakers Will Change Your Life Forever Because drinking two things at once is for everyone, we asked the Gibson's Derek Brown to cook us up boilermaker pairings fit for the mature man under 90. Double your drinking pleasure

Emailed to Nation:Nau Bags Eco-mad outfitter Nau's just dropped their inaugural line of bags and travel accessories, the latest in their growing arsenal of highly functional, rugged, and thoughtfully designed 100% sustainable gear made from fully recyclable materials, although you probably shouldn't redeem them for 5¢, no matter how curious you are as to Bazooka Joe's crazy exploits. This is how you avoid the manpurse curse

Emailed to Chicago:Undrcrwn Dynasty Tees The new line of softspun ring cotton tees from the Philly-based shirt titans includes celebrations of several prominent hoops dynasties, including the late '90s Bulls (or at least MJ, Scottie, Kukoc, Kerr, and Rodman), and Jordan's pre-Bulls UNC Tarheels, where the presence of Big Game serves as a reminder of your crippling lack thereof. You don't have to watch Dynasty to get a shirt